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Paragould Location & Market Hours

  • 4660 HWY 412 East
    Paragould, AR 72450
  • Only open mid-January to end of June
  • Tuesday - Wednesday 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Thursday - Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Jonesboro Location & Market Hours

  • 3228 S Caraway Road
    Jonesboro, AR 72404
  • Only open mid-January to end of June
  • Tuesday - Wednesday 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Thursday - Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

To ensure your crawfish or seafood for the weekend, please call the Delta Crawfish Market by 2 p.m. on Wednesday to reserve your order.


Live Crawfish

Live, well water purged, washed, graded, or field run Arkansas and Louisiana farm raised crawfish are available for purchase by the pound, sack, or truckload at market price.

Crawfish Tail Meat

Fresh and frozen domestic crawfish tail meat for all your recipes is available for purchase by the case, pound, or truckload.

Learn more about our crawfish


Well Water Purged – Crawfish are placed in huge purge tanks to purge their system of unwanted waste. Well water with constant aeration is simply the best way to truly purge crawfish. This ensures that our customers receive not only more crawfish for their money, but also the cleanest and tastiest crawfish possible.

Washed Crawfish – Crawfish that are hand or mechanically washed to remove all bait, straw, and debris.

Graded Crawfish – Crawfish that are run through a box or mechanical grader for consistent size.

Field Run Crawfish – This is often the cheapest way to buy crawfish, but giving up much quality. These crawfish are sacked directly in the boat resulting in a very wide variety of sizes often containing dead or crushed crawfish, rice straw, bait, and even undesired white crawfish. Without proper cleaning this type of crawfish does not have a very long shelf life. Taste and quality are adversely affected because proper time was not taken to ensure a quality product.

Gulf Shrimp (market price)


Shuckled Oysters
  • Available by the pint or gallon at market price.
Live Oysters
  • Available in the shell by the dozen or 30-pound box at market price.


  • Alligator Legs: Tender, lean, 2 lb. vacume sealed packs of white meat, marinated and ready to grill.
  • Alligator loin: whole young tender alligator loins ready for the grill, blackened or cut, bread and fry to make your own “GATOR BITES”
  • Alligator Fillet: 1 lb. packs of alligator tail meat tenderized and ready to go!
  • NEW !!!! Gator Burgers! Ground and seasoned 8 oz. alligator and pork burgers


  • Frozen “Pride of the Pond” catfish fillets are available per lb. or per 10 lb. box at all times.
  • Fish Fryers,Grills, Pots, and Burners
  • We offer fish cookers, grills, pots and burners in a wide range of sizes and prices from Bayou Classic and R & V works.

Cajun Specialty Foods

  • Boudin
  • Frog Legs
  • Stuffed Boneless Chickens
  • Gumbo
  • Ettouffe
  • Tasso
  • Crawfish Pies
  • Stuffed Pork Chops & Pork Loin
  • Alligator tenderloin, fillet and legs


  • Sushi Grade Tuna
  • Mai Mai
  • Snapper
  • Crab Legs
  • Soft Shell Crab

Fish Fryers

  • We offer fish cookers in a wide range of sizes and prices from Bayou Classic and R & V works.

Don’t have time to cook?

  • The Delta Crawfish Market can boil your crawfish or shrimp using Delta Donnie’s Crawfish and Shrimp Boil. Place your order then bring your coolers and pick it up!

For questions and market prices please call (870)335-2555.